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Company Profile

American Integrated Security Group (AISG) founded Hosted Video Solutions (HVS) to meet the demand of remote hosted video for business’ spanning the US. As a developer of one of the first systems of this type in New York, AISG saw the need to overhaul Virtual IP Video systems and expand operations to serve the entire country. With top of the line equipment and unparalleled customer service, the industry standard of Virtual IP video remains with AISG.

With our central video station headquarters in New York and with regional tech offices across the United States, you can rest easy knowing that we are close by should any problem arise. Our HVS service provides 24/7 remote video recording and storage from the AISG command center. With our Remote video surveillance, we enable you the freedom to view activity at your property as often as you deem necessary. Beyond that, we enable you the ability to interact with the premises, and take action as needed from a computer or mobile device.

Let us show you how we can improve the security of your premises while simultaneously cutting down on costs. Virtual IP Video by AISG is the modern solution to video surveillance.

Our Vision

Unlike many other video surveillance providers, Hosted Video Solutions (HVS) aims to satisfy the growing demand for cutting edge technology and the highest level of service. We wanted to provide a service that does not currently exist. High quality video on a user friendly platform that is both reliable and affordable. Many of the other options outsource their video surveillance to a place far far away which in turn can lead to delayed response times. AISG seeks to resolve this by being right around the corner should you need any assistance.

We hope to see our service satisfying the needs of you and your neighbors wherever you are.

Our Team

Virtual concierge operators taking calls

The Hosted Video Services (HVS) team makes video surveillance a breeze. By hosting video, our HVS team is able to store much more on our server than if you had to store it internally. This allows us to locate a prior incident swiftly and effectively.

Our HVS team will assist you with camera placement and selection to allow for maximum security. With services being hosted by the HVS team, the cost to acquire video surveillance services becomes much more affordable.

Our HVS team looks forward to working together in the near future.

A security professional for over 12 years, Mr. Acs was most recently the Senior Technical Manager for the Systems group of Honeywell International. Mr. Acs’ technical knowledge is unsurpassed in the industry and his client list includes some of the most recognizable names in the gaming industry and business world. Mr. Acs’ experience, vision and drive is what puts AISG at the forefront of integrated security solutions.

President – Levy Acs