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Services Overview

Hosted Video Solutions (HVS) has become increasingly important in security today. Regardless of whether you seek surveillance for your commercial space, residence, or anything in between, HVS is the key component to high grade video surveillance. By having 24/7 high-quality video surveillance via our AISG off site command center coupled with your remote monitoring access via your computer or mobile device, HVS puts you in control of what’s going on at all times. As your business or residence grows, so can your HVS system, as AISG offers flexible services that can seamlessly expand your system as you grow!

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HVS Services

AISG will conduct a run through of the given site using floor plans, blueprints, sketches, digital photos, google earth and whatever else you have handy for us to properly understand what your goals and needs are for a hosted video system. Once we have a better sense of your project we will determine your security needs and devise a tailored system around potential threats we see.

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HVS Features

*included in your tailored system

  • Camera placement: Our team of experts will determine specific locations of cameras so that they can operate in their most effective manner
  • Networking & Cabling: Our hosted video experts will evaluate where to place your cabling to minimize disruption while also maximizing effectiveness. Should a wireless network with transceiver locations be necessary, we can seamlessly install that as well.
  • Data storage: Depending on the needs of your project, you will work hand in hand with our HVS specialist team to determine how much drive storage is necessary. As your storage will be stored at AISG’s center, you are able to easily expand as your project grows.
  • Tech support: Hosted Video Solutions can often seem daunting at first. For this reason we design our programs to not be ‘one-and-done’. We provide continued tech support as you need it as well as continued maintenance on your systems to minimize problems.

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Services List

  • Evaluation of your video security needs
  • Recommendations for camera needs
  • Installation
  • maintenance of system
  • Upgrades of new features
  • Storage of data


“Hosted video has been a revelation for our business. We were able to clear up an insurance claim by reaching out to the HVS team and having them send us a snippet of old footage. They really make hosted video a breeze”

— Adam C.

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